Large Smithfield

  1. Hi Guys

    Can anyone tell me which stores are stocking the Large Smithfield in Chocolate?


    Stef x
  2. Mulberry does not have the Smithfield in their collection anymore. You can try eBay.
  3. Try the outlets?? Not sure of your location,but I have seen one in Cheshire Oaks,ages ago,but there was one there so thats an avenue you could try?
  4. Bicester had some Smithfields yesterday, can't remember exact colours though sorry.

    I think they were mediums as well, sorry hope you manage to find one.
  5. Stefy, Been in Cheshire Oaks today and they had quite a few large Smithfields including chocolate and oak.
  6. hey guys, thanx for the replies

    i started the thread in Jan as my friend wanted to buy a choc smithfield, she has since bought the indigo, as at the time there were no chocs left (sale)

    thanx again

    stefy x