large. small or med b-bag

  1. which do you prefer to carry small med large b bag i prefer carry med size b bag
  2. Large for me!
  3. I think the Work is the PERFECT size for me!

    Then again, I haven't quite tried the Weekender ;)
  4. ^^^I said Large b/c I consider the work large- does it count as large?
  5. ^^^yep, I think the Work is considered large!!

    I usually use my Firsts and Box around town, errands, casual dinners but I just got a Work (!) and it's big for me - great for travel, IMO.
  6. WORK and WEEKENDERS! =) can't get enough balenciaga unless you had the big bag to hug..
  7. Medium/City :heart:
  8. I love the size of the city, seems just right!
  9. Small to medium
  10. small and medium for me!
  11. medium (city) to lagre (work) are my favourites.
  12. sure it does its a b-bag should love them all there great for any purpose:wlae::wlae:
  13. small/medium...the twiggy is perfect for me, but I can manage a mini-twiggy and a city is perfect for when I have papers and things with me!
  14. small/First for the night and medium/City for the day.
  15. The medium (city) is the perfect size for an everyday bag IMO