Large size Spy

  1. I found an interesting Spy on eBay - the description says it's the "large" size and not the medium. This one looks authentic, but I didn't know there was a larger size than the regular Spy (I am admittedly new to Fendi). I'm wondering if this size might work well for me. Are there many of these around? Does anyone here have one? Are they truly as hard to find as the auctioner describes?

    eBay: 100% authentic Fendi *LARGE* dark brown spy bag RARE!!! (item 160029976118 end time Sep-18-06 16:52:13 PDT)
  2. There is a large size. It looks like the zucca in the listing is the one that most people on this board have and the one that is for sale is bigger.
  3. Yes, they produced the Large spy bags last year. I had the same exact one until I sold it recently - lol!
  4. I think there's also a large green spy for sale on ebay right now. Don't know if it's authentic given only 2 pics, but it looks kinda real.
  5. I think the seller is a member here.:nuts:
  6. yeah i think she is a member here!
  7. She is. :yes:
  8. does anyone know the measurements of the regular spy and the large one? thaaanks!!!
  9. i just want to share my large choco brown spy :yahoo: ...hope you find the pictures useful in deciding whether to get one or not....good luck! :flowers:
    Fendi Spy choco brown Sept 2006 002.jpg Fendi Spy choco brown Sept 2006 003.jpg
  10. Your large Spy is gorgeous, Koalaph!....I LOVE the size! :drool: I wish I could get my hands on one.
  11. Wow, that's a really large bag. Gorgeous though!
  12. Koala, that bag is Huge! Ahhh all that fendi loveliness in a huge size....Looks great on you!
  13. thanks girls! its perfect for everyday/ day wear...the bag can fit all my junk haha :smile: does it look hideously big on me? i dont know but i feel *thinner* when i use big bags....crazy me!
  14. wow i love the large is it supere huge compared to the normal ones
  15. its really big compared to the medium sized spy but it works for me as I carry alot of stuff everyday :flowers: