Large Size Edith Owners

  1. what do you large size edith owners think of the size and weight of the bag? do you use it as an every day bag? i am considering the large $1720 size and would like to know if are happy with it. :biggrin: thanks for the advice!
  2. Hi, are there any large sixe edith owners who can offer some advice about the size? thank you for you help!
  3. I have one Chamois and One Whiskey. I LOVE them. As both can wear over should comfortably,at least for me more than the medium one. Also weight size, it is not as heavy as paddy.:love:
  4. I had an Edith bag and although I love big bags, It was a bit overwhelming. I returned it. Im only 5'2.

  5. thanks for replies. i am seriously considering large chamois edith since i do love bal work size. the edith is even larger, so i am a little concerned, but i love a big bag which makes an understated statement if that makes sense... chloe, is your chamois holding its color or darkening with use?
  6. I bought the exact same bag you are talking about, brought it back home for a few hrs, and took it back right away. I do have Balenciaga Work bag, which I really love and think perfect size, but Edith is so long(vertically, you know), I thought it looked strange on me(BTW I'm 5"6).

    But other than that, it was a beautiful bag, and leather was spectacular. If you can pull it off, go for it!!!
  7. My chamois holds its color and the leather looks rich yet pebblish, wrinlish.... I am a Balenciaga office bag lover as well...I got lots of compliments for my large edith and I think i can wear it over shoulder is a big plus for me.
  8. I will just cry if the chamois colors darken and I sold mine! But maybe in a year or so one of you girls will have a nice dark chamois that you are willing to part with! LOL.