Large size Chanel Luxury bag?

  1. I have read that many of you have the medium size bowler . I was wondering what you think of the larger size one?
  2. I had the Large bowler in Gold and I bought it back after 2 days..2 big & more like a duffle bag then a handbag IMO..Plus my DH HATED it..Too Big and he did not like the gold...
  3. My thoughts too. Thanks!
  4. I couldn't fit it on my shoulder :sad:
  5. haha me too. and the fact that it looked like i was running away from home. hehe
  6. I just got the large one yesterday and love it (I am 5'7" ) but it is hard to fit over the shoulder. Is the medium one easier to fit or does it have longer straps?
  7. I had a large gold and returned it because I thought it was awkard to carry - b/c it was hard to get on your shoulder it was a very big hand held bag. I also had a medium which I think was easier to get on your shoulder b/c its not so bulky, but I returned that also because for the price I thought the bag was too small. Got the large cambon tote instead which I love. :heart:
  8. do you know the difference in measures between large and medium? I cannot find the info anywhere and I can still exchange it. Do you have a pic of yours...Cambon? This is my first Chanel bag...I usually buy the LV or Balenciaga as they are more comfy but I thought this was different looking.
  9. I don't know the measurements, but I think the medium is almost as long, but not as high so it can look like a long hot dog. I don't have pics of the cambon tote but lots of other girls recently purchased them during the cambon sale and there are lots of pics in the threads. I got the large cambon tote it was $1495.
  10. My Daughter Has The Large Gold Bowling And Loves It.however, She Is Tall And Is Able Vto Carry It Off Well.
  11. anyone see a medium gold bowler around for sale? I had one and returned it, now I regret it. Any info is appreciated, thanks!!