Large Silverado

  1. Is the large Silverado a good bag to go on the shoulders? Im considering one but would like to know I can use as a shoulder bag. Its not python, its all leather. TIA!!

  2. I can wear the large easily on my shoulder with a light sweater. It is an arm held bag for me with a jacket/coat on.
  3. Socal -
    Can you let me know if you ever see a large white tote silverado (like the brown one you returned)? :biggrin: I haven't seen one in any of the east coast stores. I was at Nordstrom tonight - chloe everywhere. They had a few of the large tote python silverados that were gorgeous - but they cost $3500!! :sick:
  4. ^ Sure! I have not seen a white one yet...just the "natural" color. Will also be in London next month to scope things out...
  5. Thanks, but you only need to scope around SCP or in Beverly Hills! :biggrin: