Large Silverado Hobo?

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  1. Did they ever make this in a size large? Coz I don't recall ever seeing a large in the market. I've seen only mediums
  2. Neiman Marcus show a satchel, then a large satchel, so I think there is a large.
    The don't give measurements for the large though.
  3. You have started several threads now about these bags, you can just keep asking question in one thread. No need to continue to post new ones about these bags. ; -)
  4. I've also only seen the mediums. If I saw a large, I probably would have bought it instead of the medium. BTW, the Nordstrom near me have the Blue and Black of the medium. Haven't seen a choco IRL.
  5. I bought my chocolate silverado large doctor at Saks-Houston during their gift card shopping spree day. I tried on the hobo and I think it must of been a large because it seemed as large as the doctor I was buying. I just liked the doctor style over the hobo. Saks-Houston seems to have a nice collection of Chloe.
  6. Oooh, they do! I was draping myself in Paddy's there last week! They're delicious!