Large Signature/Chambray there any hope?

  1. What do you girls think? You are the Coach experts. Is there any hope of me tracking down one of these anywhere ever? I know, probably not, right? :girlsigh: I so love this bag!
  2. Wish I could help you but, don't give up hope. I wanted the medium Carly in khaki/ saddle and I got one thanks to some of the gals on here. I am sure if it is to be found they will know where it it.:yes:
  3. Thank you, that's what I figured too. Of course I'm scoping eBay regularly. If anyone spots one in an outlet, boutique or whatever, please let me know!!
  4. I will for sure keep my eyes open for you! I really hope you find one!
  5. Thank you sweetie :flowers:
  6. did you call JAX? I just got the medium not too long ago from there.
  7. No, I just figured if it's gone from the site it is gone entirely-no? Where would I find the number to JAX? Thanks.
  8. I had one of these in my hands at the outlets in July and I still kick myself for not getting it. At the time, I thought the large was way too big.
  9. The number for JAX is 1 800 444-3611.:tup:
  10. Definitely call JAX. Even though it's gone from the website doesn't mean they don't still have some in stock. I ordered my medium one from JAX through my Coach store (this was during PCE and I was able to use my discount!)
  11. Wow, I had no idea! I'm so calling tomorrow! (ty for the number mdmc). I know this won't be too big for me since I want to use it as a school bag. Too bad there is no PCE at the moment. Thanks again girls, I knew this was the place to come if I had any hope of locating this bag! :yes:
  12. I saw it on the Japan website so it made me think that maybe they still had some. When I called for mine they told me that not many know but they made like 600 more because it was such a big hit. The stores didn't even know that!
  13. Ty so much for letting me know. Unfortunately, that is a medium and I am in the market for a large one, drat! So close! I did call JAX and they said there are none left :crybaby:. But now dh is saying that he doesn't really like this one anyway and I should get the chocolate or the black or the saddle. Blah, I have no idea :shrugs: Thanks for your help everyone!