Large Sig Stripe Tote or LG Gallery Tote?


Which Bag Do you like better ?

  1. Signature Stripe Denim Large Tote

  2. Large Signature Gallery Tote

  3. Neither. Get something else.. Please elaborate in your post

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  1. OK, I want a large tote to use as my bag + sorta baby bag.

    I have been wanting this bag (Signature Stripe Denim Large Tote)


    But this one seems like it would fit the bill too ( Gallery Signature Large Tote)


    I cannot find many large differences between the 2 bags except the handle lengths... And the Gallery tote looks like it may have more pockets...

    Denim tote 22.5" straps with a 9" drop
    Gallery tote 16.5" straps with a 9" drop

    Does anyone have the gallery tote? Which one should I get? I know the Denim fits my shoulder... Will the Gallery Tote fit on my shoulder... I am not petite:p

    Anyone have any modeling pics?

    Which one would YOU choose?
  2. That is a hard one. On one hand I love the gallery totes because they are very classic coach, but I voted for the Signature stripe denim large tote. That seems like a good mom/ baby bag. I definetly think you will be happier knowing it will go over your shoulder and not be a problem with what you are wearing. Winter is coming and you will still want to be able to get it on your shoulder with more layers of clothes and a coat.

    A purseket would be great in it too. More organization for baby things!

    Let us know what you decide!
  3. I love the denim tote. It's so fresh looking compared to the gallery tote.