Large Sig Stripe tote in Choc/bronze or Black/gunmetal?

  1. Okay, so I've decided that my next bag will be a large sig stripe tote....but I'm soooo confused! I can't decide between the choc/bronze and black/gunmetal! I already have a Lg. Choc. Sig. Carly...and I don't have any black Coach bags yet....but I LOVE both! I don't know what to do!!! Both are equally stunning, and I LOVE the bronze on the choc. one....but I love the gunmetal stripe on the black one!

    So which one? Also, if you own one or the other, could you please post a modeling pic? I looked in the reference section, and there aren't any pics of these particular bags, and no modeling pics.

    Thanks everyone!!! I really appreciate your input!!!:heart:

  2. Black!!!
  3. I agree the black is really pretty
  4. Well since you already have a choc sig Carly, I would choose the black. Its a gorgeous bag, and your collection would be more well-rounded with the addition of a black bag.
  5. I like the bronze one a lot, I just ordered the baby bag in this Combo, but if you already have a chocolate bag and like the black/gunmetal combo then go for that!!
  6. Definitely black! It's on my wishlist as well! Mostly cause I already have 2 choco Carlys and could use a black bag :yes: plus, I just love the silver stripe!
  7. I vote for the black!!
  8. black
  9. One more vote for black here!!
  10. Thanks everyone! I could use a black bag, since I already have a choco one!
  11. LAltiero86...I agree with the others...I vote for black. You already have chocolate and the black would be a nice addition to your coach it is very classy tote!
  12. I also say go with the black. While both are beautiful, the black just has a sharper look that makes it stand out more imho.
  13. I really like them both, but I think black since you don't have a black one.
  14. Get the black...especially if you don't have any black bags.
  15. Thanks for all of your opinions! I think I'll probably end up going w/ the black one. I also love that it has silver hardware!

    Does anyone have any pics??