Large Sig Carly and keeping it clean

  1. I have the Large Black leather Carly, and the Large Black signature Carly is on the way. How do I clean the signature?:confused1:
  2. hi neat...i am waiting for the medium black sig carly to arrive...they include cleaning instructions in the inner zip compartment of the bag...let me know what you think of it when it arrives...i'm waiting for some responses to see what anyone who owns it thinks of it!
  3. The signature cleaner. I used it on my khaki Carly and can't tell where the little smudge was. Its worth the 10 bucks!
  4. Has anyone used it on the Black Signature? I am going to use my leather Carly for church and weekend (not long shopping trips), and my signature Carly for work (I am a teacher). I already have so much to carry, and I love my leather Carly, but she is HEAVY. I am not carrying a lot in it. I so love the shape of the Carly bag that I ordered her in the Signature black.