Large Shopping Bag/A20995 Interior Question

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  1. Hi! I'm a Chanel newbie. The bag in the subject line is the one I want to get. I called the SA at Chanel today to ask if they had it in stock. I played with it in the store a couple of months ago. I thought I remembered the center divider pocket snapping in and out but the SA said on this bag that it didn't come out. I know I looked at a bag where it snapped in and out... anyone know if she might be mistaken? I love this bag but don't like center dividers. :sad:
  2. i have a GST and it doesn't snap out. sorry. :smile: hope you still get it though it's a beautiful bag
  3. I have been doing some research and I think I may have my bags mixed up. Could it have been a diamond stitch bag? I remember it being a tote style and I thought it had silver c's on the front, a chain strap and the interior divider snapped out.
  4. ^No, the DS doesn't have that. Have you check the reference library for pictures?
  5. My Diamond Shine tote has that - but no CCs on the front, has the mademoiselle closure.
  6. the cerf has a removeable interior bag and comes with a small silver cc closure on the outside but has a leather strap, not chain.
  7. The pics in the ref library of the DS are what made me think that might have been the bag I saw. I couldn't tell about the interior though. You're saying the DS tote doesn't have the interiour snap out pocket?