Large Selma Satchel in Dark Dune or Dark Khaki?

Large Selma Satchel in Dark Dune or Dark Khaki?

  • Dark Dune

  • Dark Khaki

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Dec 20, 2008
Los Angeles
I've been debating on this bag for awhile and sale after sale I have decided not to get it. But this time around, I think I am going to finally go for it. It's been a rough few weeks, and I think a new bag will definitely do the trick to lift up my spirits. The only issue still is the color!

I've been going back and forth between the Dark Dune or the Dark Khaki for the Large Selma Satchel for DAYSS! :shucks: I still can't decide. One minute I want the dark dune, the next minute I think want the dark khaki. I've decided to get on here and ask for all your opinions so perhaps I can finally make a decision. :biggrin:


Waiting on UPS
Dec 28, 2006
The U.P.
Both are pretty colors but I voted Dark Dune because it's a year-round color and a great neutral!


Sep 26, 2011
Dark Dune is my vote too... simply because Dark Khaki is one of my least MK faves.

I ordered a Sutton in DD and returned it because it just didnt blow me away on that bag. I think its gorg on the Selma and Hamilton. Just ordered a wallet in it and Im hoping it really clicks for me on a wallet cause I do NOT need another bag but want something in that color :P