Large Satchel

  1. Kind of like the Large Elise. Did it come in any colors besides black, caramel,a nd ivory? Does anyone have it? If so, pics please :biggrin: I had wanted it but couldnt find it and got the Elise instead back in the summer.
  2. Hey FB, I just ordered the white chiffon elise and I know it comes in only non-patent leather for Resort '06. The colors are: black, white chiffon, almond and topaz. There may be more, but I think that's it. I can't wait for it to arrive, but I probably won't use it until after Christmas, since it is technically a Christmas gift from my DH.

    Bag.lover totally turned me on to the femininity and functionality of the Elise. I am soooooo excited to use this beautiful bag, and I can't wait for it to arrive!

    Also, I didn't know it came in different sizes...I'm pretty sure it only comes in different leathers like soft calf, patent, and now non-patent.
  3. Not the elise. The Large Satchel. It's like the Elise except larger and has 2 pockets rather than one.
  4. It debuted a season or 2 ago
  5. SOFT CALF Large Satchel (no longer made) was available for more than 1 season (at least Spring 06, Resort 05). I remember seeing this style in Black, White, Orange, Nutmeg, etc. Spring 06's Nutmeg is available on Eluxury.
    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Large Satchel

    (source: Eluxury)
    Marc Jacobs Collection
    Large Satchel $1,075.00

    Recalling the Blake, Marc's new soft calf satchel is the best of Marc's bags, all in one. Soft calf leather is trimmed with contrast topstitching and paired with signature polished metal press-locks, round metal links, side buckles and chunky zipper pulls that open to a gorgeous suede interior. Perfection.
    • Soft calf leather with contrast topstitching
    • Polished metal hardware with a light golden finish
    • Two front pockets with signature press-locks
    • Buckles at bag sides
    • Topstitched chappes with rounded studs
    • Rolled leather shoulder straps with round links; 6" drop
    • Double zipper closure with chunky metal pulls
    • Sumptuous suede interior with zipped pocket
    • Protective metal feet
    • 15" x 10.5" x 5"
    • Made in Italy
    p11024382_ph_detail_05.jpg p11024382_ph_detail_06.jpg p11024382_ph_detail_07.jpg
  6. I wish it came in some bright colors, like amethyst.
  7. Congrats, I hope that you will love your white chiffon elise when you receive it. =)

  8. In Fall 05, Soft Calf Elise was made in Amethyst (silver hardware & red suede lining). I don't remember if Large Satchel was made that season. If it was, there's a high possibility that it's available in Amethyst as well. You can call any MJ boutique, a SA will be able to look it up for you.

    Fall 05's Amethyst Elise
    eBay: Marc Jacobs -Elise Calf Handbag (item 140033912910 end time Sep-30-06 21:00:03 PDT)
  9. nvm
  10. oops...sorry! cute bag, though.
  11. I know I will love it! I am so excited for it to come that I could hardly get to sleep last night. (I'm weirdly obsessive in that way :yes:)

    Thanks again for pm'ing me about the discount, what a deal! I'll post pics around Christmas when I'm "allowed" to use it. (Yeah right, I'll have that thing opened by Wednesday, guaranteed):wlae:

    Bag.lover rules!
  12. what a beautiful bag!!!