Large Satchel

  1. What are your opinions on this bag? Does anyone own it, if so

    post pics. Can it be worn over the shoulder?
  2. I love it, casual look. I don´t have this bag though. It looks like it could be worn over the shoulder.
  3. Hi there, I own this bag in black. When I bought it I was debating between this one or the Blake bag. I happen to like big bags, so I went for the large satchel. I've had it for about two months now and I absolutely love it. You can wear it over the shoulder with no problem, and it holds a lot of stuff. I love the front pockets and carry my house keys in one and my subway pass in the other.

    One of the downsides to this bag is similar to a LV Speedy; if you don't have enough stuff in it, it does tend to sag a bit. And the buckles on the side are a bit long, but again, if you have quite a bit of stuff in the bag then the buckles cling to the sides and are fine. Does that make sense? Overall I am in love with it and I really like the fact that I haven't seen another person carrying it in Boston. I'm not sure about Nutmeg, but the black version has a beautiful cream suede lining and I must say that it gets dirty fast (I have a post from a few days ago when I spilled water in it and it caused a red file folder to bleed all over the bottom of the lining) but it's such a nice contrast when you open the bag and see the cream lining.

    I'll take pictures of my satchel this weekend and will post them on Monday. Have a great day!
  4. Great! I would love to see pics. Thanks for the info. Is it easy to find your things in it?
  5. If you don't carry a lot, you can get Elise which is the smaller version with 1 pocket in the front.
  6. Hi..I have this bag in orange and let myself get talked into it by a sales person...everyone else loved the orange. In the end, I love carrying this bag and it has become one of my favorites. Going over the shoulder for me is more when I'm desperate...and need to find a key or something. Otherwise it's too tight. maggie
  7. No problem, and it's not hard to find things at all. That's one of the reasons I keep my T pass and keys in the front pockets, though. Otherwise those tiny items could get lost!

    Are you interested in Nutmeg or Black? Also, do you happen to know when this purse made its debut? I believe it's from his Resort line '06.
  8. I saw these satchels at Nordstrom a while ago (beginning of this year or last year), not sure when they came out.

    I remember seeing other colors on
    You can also call MJ boutiques, they tend to have more colors available.
  9. i also have this bag in orange, and i love it. i've received many compliments on it, but unfortunately, i find it too tight to wear over the shoulder. i tend to hook it onto my forearm. i've included a pic in orange with my wallet to gauge for size. hope this helps?
  10. ^^ THAT is a gorgeous picture!
  11. WOW! I think my eyes are popping out of my head. Love the orange!
  12. That is a very beautiful bag! And the color is amazing. Is this style still available.
  13. ^ This large satchel is an older style, but you might be able to find them. Orange is a color from previous season, it's heavily discounted at many department stores; Marc Jacobs boutiques hardly ever mark down any color/style from soft calf styles. I saw this Orange one at Saks a while ago.
  14. I received the large satchel in black today:wlae: !. It is a great handbag, very roomy, it fits over my shoulder very well.
  15. Congrats! Glad you made your decision. It looks like it would be a great bag to own and use.