Large Saba in Zebra Pony

  1. An FYI post:
    I don't know what got into me, but I asked Casey at the Chicago Choo to hold a Large Zebra Pony Saba for me when it came in.
    She called today and I told her that she could release the hold. Choo USA ordered 20 of these bags. If you cannot envision your life without thie Saba, please give Choo Chicago a call at 312.255.1170 and let them know that you are from the tPF and that you want it. Good luck.
  2. Jburgh.... you've got to be kidding me... :nogood: Why.. why just now...:crybaby:
  3. Abi - Your new XL Ramona is infinitely more practical. Besides, the Saba is in the neighborhood of $3400 :shocked: .
  4. You're right. I'm very happy with my XL Ramona! :love: I really really hope I can see the Saba IRL - one way or another! :rolleyes: Have you?
  5. JBurgh--I want to thank you *so* much! I spoke to Casey and ordered a zebra Saba!! I've been one of those who "can't live without one"; again thank you, thank you thank you! (I'll send you my bill--j/k :smile:)

  6. Congratulations dachsiemama

    I just received an email from Casey telling me a lovely lady from the forum just purchased one and I told her it had to have been Jburgh, as I have been neglecting my duties lately, due to work:cursing:

    Can't wait to see modeling photos:yahoo:
  7. dachsiemama - I'm so glad you got it. Please post some pictures on the Choo forum and in the Choo reference library when it arrives. Isn't Casey the greatest?

    And post a pic of your dachsie, too!
  8. I can't wait to see this bag on one of our members!!!!
    Please post modeling pics:nuts::woohoo:
  9. Oh thats great! what a HOT bag!
    Please post pics when it arrives!
  10. Congratulations!! Please do post pics!
  11. Congratulations dachsiemama! Enjoy her! :tup:
  12. Thanks for the encouragement! It looks gorgeous but really big in the picture I saw--I'm only 5'4" and chubby, so I hope it doesn't make me look just enormous! You're right, Casey is just wonderful; in fact, I had to call Neiman's in Dallas and ask them to cancel their search after finding this one--NM has another really great SA, Jennifer. (NM is still waiting but expects to get some Zebra sabas in, but not many (1 or 2?)--best to get on a waiting list.) These enthusiastic girls (and sometimes guys) seem to love their work, and love people. Casey said she knows you, jburgh, that you're good friends.
    You know the first thing she said to me when I mentioned the Purse Forum? She said "you ladies are a great group of enablers!" Isn't that the truth!:roflmfao:

    I will have to post pictures when the bag arrives--I haven't entered the digital age yet, so it will involve learning how to post them, and asking my husband for his camera expertise, and he's going to be nervous about me obtaining another expensive bag. But he knows I've been sellling off a lot of them, so maybe it will help. But I'll do it for you guys, and put my little dachsie in the picture, too!
  13. Dachsiemama:

  14. Great Bag. Can't wait to see pics!!!
  15. I am DYING to see what this bag looks like as we don't have it in store over here yet.