Large rock and Chain Hobo vs.Expandable tote

  1. I have both sitting here and am having a really hard time picking they are kind of different anyone have any opinions ??Help:cursing: Thanks xxS
  2. I love the Expandable tote. The only thing that stopped me from considering it is the cc charm hangs very low on the bag and I could see it hitting and bumping things, becoming knicked and scratched way too easily.

    The Rock & Chain is a nice bag too but spend some time with it. Put your things inside and see if it is easy to get in and out of, comfortable on the shoulder, etc. Functionality is important in helping you choose.
  3. I tried on both yesterday and really liked the large expandable. The size reminds me of the coco cabas when unzipped but not as large. The large rock & chain just didn't work on me.
  4. the rock and chain looks good in the ad and in people who can really "rock" the bag. but when i'm trying it on, it just don't work for me. it's too hassle to put the things and all esp. i'm a kind of person who tend to stuffed the bag LOL
  5. Hi Thanks I am thinking the same thing with the charm a I dont know I am soooo confused I am thinking the expandable might be more conservative than the hobo
  6. Hi do you think the hobo wil go out of style??Thanks
  7. i tried on both in the store and i ended up going with the rock and chain...but both are nice bags i say go with what u absolutely love!!
  8. I own both and I have to say that the expandable flap tote is the best bag ever..Im possibly buying it in another color as we speak..LOL....
  9. Hi Thanks I know I guess when you think something is limited its harder to decide I do think the rock and chain hobo is a little rock and roll ? Thanks Skye
  10. Hi thanks do you have the tote or the flap ?? have you used the hobo yet Thanks xx
  11. I have been using my Rock and Chain hobo and I love it because its light and easy to carry.
    I do not have the expandable so I can't compare it, but I am a fan of this rock and chain for more than one reason.
  12. I also only have the rock and chain hobo so I might be biased. Anyway, I absolutely love it. It's easy to carry and can hold quite a lot of things. I think it's a good weekend bag.
  13. Yikes! It's a hard decision! I tried on the rock and chain in the store and LOVED it (it was comfortable and I loved the drape) but was afraid of how it would look full of things (anyone have a pic?)

    The expandable is a beautiful bag, too - not as "edgy" as the Rock and Chain, though.

    I agree that you should try both on and definitely put things in the Rock and Chain when you do.
  14. i am totally in love with the expandable and -- don't throw stones at me -- :p just cannot get into the Rock & Chain. Am not liking the triple chain straps and i tried it on empty at Saks and it seems heavy, and i am a large, stuffed-bag girl who usually doesnt have a prob with heavy bags unless they're Marc Jacobs which is comfy if you have the shoulders of a muscleman, imo

    R&C is a beauty but very trendy for a leather bag, imo, (please don't banish me from tPF :sweatdrop: for saying that; maybe i am sleep deprived or something i mean, the bag is exquisite, but....well maybe i am totally off base.....have been known to have major upheavals in Chanel bag opinions...) while the Expandable is a gorgeous variation of a classic. As far as scratched metal on the charm, i wouldnt stress about that, its unavoidable i think....just an occupational hazard...even gold bracelets scratch :wlae:
  15. I own the expandable tote in blk/wht and will be purchasing the rock and chain in white (still undecided about black... wish i could have both :crybaby:). Anyways, both are gorgeous bags, expandable is more classic but still edgy w/ the zippers. both fit comfortably on the shoulder and hold a lot of stuff. I thought i wasn't going to like R&C from the pics but it looks fabulous in person! It molds to the body, feels comfortable, leather is gorgeous.

    It depends if u are looking for a more classic shape, totish (exp) or something different, hoboish (R&C). Can't go wrong w/ either. Good luck!