large quilted elise??

  1. hey guys!

    i was on the street the other day and i saw this lady carrying this gorgeous quilted elise...but it was HUGE...even bigger than the venetia i would say. and she could wear it comfortable over the shoulder. i thikn the color was dark purple but im not a 100% sure.

    ive never seen such a big else so i wasnt sure if that was a real bag or not. does any know??? i would love to get my hands on one! thanks!!!

    also - are they making quilted elises this fall (patent or not)? thanks!!
  2. Hers is not real b/c of reasons #1 & #2
    1. Quilted Elise only comes in 1 size (it's definitely smaller than Venetia).
    2. Patent colors for Elise: Black, Chalk, Blush, Midnight, Cola
    3. Elise is not being made this season.

    Elise fits comfortably on my shoulder. =)
  3. hey bag.lover

    thanks for the response! thats a bummer...cuz it LOOKED SO CUTE!!! or is that something like the elise but bigger? it looked like the elise jsut because of that big pocket in the front...aww i wish they made one like that now!
  4. There's a non-quilted/non-patent style (calf leather) that looks similar to Elise, but it has 2 pockets in the front and bigger. It's still available at Eluxury & Bluebeeonline. Quilted Elise only came in patent (goat) leather, non-patent/quilted version is fake (flooded on eBay/ioffer).

    Did you ever order your Quilted Patent Elise from NM a few months ago?
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