Large purse idea for wife


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Jan 11, 2009

My wife likes the Coach Carley, we need a bag that holds a lot for when we travel, it not too flamboyant, and is comfortable.

If you know of any other bags that are large, under $1000 and stylish let me know. I like the fact that the Carley has a thing on the shoulder strap that helps support the weight on your shoulder. Sometimes her shoulder gets red from the thinish strap on her current purse.

She really likes LV, but I can not find anything that has the shoulder support I am looking for.



Nov 24, 2008
i use this bag a lot of traveling its called a Giselle by Lockheart.
It can basically be carried 3 different ways and on the shoulder, across the body or as a tote and it has heaps and heaps of pockets. I got it at Nordstroms and they have it in different other colors. I hope this helps.
Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
hmm if your wife likes LV how about the batignolles horizontal...its around $850, and doesnt have really thin straps..but if your still concerned about the straps , i know you can buy things to attatch to straps of a purse to help them sit better...i have seen them at stores that sell leather bags/coats...