large ps1 in smoke, keep it or not?

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  1. today my package arrived with this new leather large ps1 in smoke.
    i had looked for a large ps1 for daily use since my black one i got recently will become my school bag. and my medium ps1's are bright red, nude and neon coral - all colors i don't want to use like every day bags. i liked this grey/brown color of the smoke i'd seen on many photos and thought this might be the right bag.

    now it's here and i am not so sure anymore if i like this color.

    i usually wear colors that pop and are bright. on the other hand i wanted a more neutral looking bag and i don't have to baby when running errands etc.
    still i am looking at it and it's not love at first sight, - dont get me wrong, it's a beautiful bag, but i am not sure if i want to keep her.

    i can keep this bag for 1 month and then have to send it back if i decide not to keep it.
    what do you think? maybe your opinions will help me with my decision. thanks so much!
    here are some photos of the color, with and without flashlight.

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  2. I have been looking at this exact bag for my first PS bag, and I can see you you would have a dilemma over color.

    Compared to the other colors you own, Smoke appears to be flat/dull when compared to a red or black, and especially in the Large size. I personally think the Midnight or Military may suit you better if your looking for a new neutral bag but both have a 'pop' or higher saturation that make them look richer than Smoke.

    Just my two cents!
  3. I second the Midnight shade. Its just perfection.

    Smoke is nice color but since your used to such bright colors, try it out first and see how it goes if not, then get another shade.

    Also take a look at Saddle or Burgundy. Those can be neutral.
  4. Send it back! If you don't see it working for you and you aren't happy to have it, get something that you really want and will make you happy as soon as you see the box on your porch!
  5. Definitely send it back! I agree with Shoegal30 that if you don't love it, it isn't worth it! The midnight is gorgeous if you're looking for a dark neutral! :biggrin:
  6. What did you end up deciding?!
  7. I have to send it back, I just can't get friends with this color.
  8. I agree too, i think if you hold off you can find another color you adore. Especially if you have any hesitations at all. If you love it, you'll know right away!