Large PS1 Crossbody - more comfy strap?

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone out there may know of a way to make the strap more comfortable when carrying the Large PS1 Cross body. I find the strap to be thin and hard which makes it uncomfortable and almost cuts into my skin. Is there a padded attachment or something that I can add to my strap to make it more comfortable?

    I bought my bag for my Paris trip so I will be carrying for hours and hours sightseeing and shopping. However, when I tried it out for a 15 minute trip to the grocery store yesterday, I can already feel the discomfort of the straps. Has anyone else experienced the same problem carrying it cross body?
  2. Yes!! Feels like the arm is going to come off at the shoulder. It's not the lightest bag, and once you get all your stuff in it - forget it. I just try to alternate carrying it cross body and just over the shoulder.
  3. The XL, which I have, is worse! It's an even heavier bag, and that thin strap can be painful.

    I took the second strap (that the Large doesn't have) and doubled it and it was so much more comfortable, but it didn't have that PS look that I like, so I switched back to the very long, single strap.

    I'm always alternating too, over my shoulder and cross body.
  4. I got a generic weight distributor for my XL strap, it's in matching leather and helps a bit :smile:
  5. Where do you get those?
  6. ^It was at a local store specializing in leather bags, wallets, belts etc. I think they did repairs too. They had a selection of weight distributors and I picked a matching one. It was an older shop but unfortunately they had to close down a couple of month ago, it's not many of these stores left now.. :wondering
  7. What does a weight distributor look like? What's wrong with this picture? We pay over $2K for a bag and they can't make the strap comfortable? Are we just crazy for paying that much?
  8. It's not that pretty. It's a heavier pice of leather, maybe about 7 inches, that sits on the top part of your shoulder. They're very functional looking, for the most part.

    My old Chanel bags have pretty ones, but they are very slim pieces of leather that slide over the chains. Otherwise I would take one off and put it on my PS1.

    Nevertheless, I must find a chunkier one to put on my XL satchel!
  9. Love the camera straps, of course! I haven't tried mine on my PS1, but since I love it with my City, why not? I'll have to give it a shot next week when I travel.
  10. Oh, that's a creative solution! It looks pretty stylish. Thanks or sharing. I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow. I will see how the PS1 strap holds up after 8 hours of walking around.

  11. What a fun idea!