Large Princy Hobo

  1. I'm thinking about getting one in guccisima or the smooth leather! It'll be my first Gucci (cheating on LV)! Does anyone have one? Do you like it? Is the Princy a seasonal bag (does it ever go on sale)? Thanks!
  2. I was looking at the same bag in the brown guccisima. i don't think it will go on sale anytime soon since it's such a hot item for Gucci right now. if they do go on sale in June, i think the smooth leather will go first before the guccisima.
  3. iI bought it here while it was on sale 40% off and that was about a month ago
  4. :yahoo: That's soo much for posting the bluefly link! I got the last black one!
  5. Excellent!!!