Large Pond Patent Ergo Hobo Style Number???

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  1. Gosh, I am sure missing the search feature right now! I've been looking (and looking and looking) but can't find it, but I was sure I had read what this number was - all I can find is #11623 for the medium hobo. . . so, maybe it is as simple as 11624??? Does anyone know?


    Oh, and has anyone been able to order either hobo yet? I know the tote was available, and someone was waiting for it to arrive. . . search feature, I need you!!!!!
  2. I asked at my outlet yesturday about the large hobo, or a large patent tote. The SA called jax for me, and was told they both only come in Med, and yes, they are both available to order in pond. I really wanted large though :sad:
  3. Just yesterday my favorite SA looked up the medium tote in the system for me and it's not available yet. She said to check again at the end of the week because she thinks it's really close to being put into inventory. She said it's listed as being available in February, but it's usually available 2 weeks early. The number that you had is right, 11623, for the medium pond patent ergo. As far as she can tell, this is the only size available. I am okay with that, though, because I thought that the large might be a little too puffy.....