Large Pocket Paddy Owners?

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I'm new here. I've really enjoyed reading the fun posts about gorgeous Chloe bags - and I've learned so much too! You guys are great. :flowers:

    I've not seen a large pocket paddington bag in person and I'm wondering if they're really enormous and heavy? I'm about 5'3" and not super strong but I want a bag to carry work stuff in.

    Any opinions?

  2. I have it and I love it but it is a VERY large bag. Not a problem for me since I am 6 feet tall. It is kinda heavy too but I don't care. I like the extra workout. Sure does carry a lot of stuff!
  3. Hi divnanata - thanks for the input - I wish I were 6 feet tall! ok so I'll reconsider then - maybe the medium satchel would be better for me.
  4. I have the medium and I consider it a pretty roomy bag...the large is more what I consider to be HUGE...I find it to almost look like carry-on luggage...ITA go with the medium
  5. ok :yes: thank you, chodessa!
  6. I had it and returned it because it is very big and heavy. I'm 5'6". But it sure is a beautiful bag!