Large Perry Woven Tote

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  1. The tote I ordered from Amazon at an amazing price arrived. We've seen pictures where it looks oddly enormous. It is huge, but not ridiculously so. And its slouchy which helps. Here's some modelling pics. And, as you can see, it swallows my 13" Macbook Pro easily, with room for books, lunch, etc. to spare. I can't help but think it looks like a beach tote.

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  2. I'm trying hard to make this bag work. I have a thing for woven bags and I think this chunky weave is very cool. So, I looked at the wing shape on each end, tucked it into the bag, and tied the side tassels together. (I think LP should have designed this bag to have the option of tucking in the sides...) Its a bit more manageable in size.

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  3. Yes, it's bug, but OH MY, it's gorgeous!!
  4. Sorry for the thousand pics, but I wanted to get your opinions on this bag. Should I keep it? Should I just get the "small" Perry tote off the LP website. And, by small they mean 18"W, 12.5"H, lol! The large is 21.75"W and 13.75"H. It would cost me $200 more to get the small tote.

    Or would I always choose to carry the Med. Dylan tote.... and should skip all other bags!?!

    jc0812 has this bag. I'm wondering how she uses it...

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  5. Definitely like the size better with the sides tucked in, which look do you like though? With it tied, does that make it harder to get into? I would be torn on returning it too, cause it is a beautiful weave. The cost is a consideration but I wouldn't let it be the deciding factor for sure. You'll get more $ but you'll be using the bag for years, get the one you really want. LP small tote is only available on the LP site, right? They do have 15% coupon, do they ever do good sales on their site?
  6. It never reminded me of the LV Neverfull until you tucked the sides in. Love that look!
  7. jroger1 - excellent points! I think I got such a good deal on this bag, that I'm trying too hard to make it work. I think this size would make an excellent beach tote, maybe in a lime color....

    kristinmcd - Just checked out the LV - you've a good eye for bag details...

    Also, do you guys like the black or cognac better?
  8. I would vote Black.
  9. Looks fabulous! It reminds me of the Kooba blake that I have, it's about the same shape and size. At first I thought it would be huge but I quickly got used to it and found it very handy.

  10. Carmelita, I think you are onto something design-wise. I love how it looks with the flaps tucked in and tied!

    When the "flaps are out" it looks huge, like a very expensive beach tote. However, can you imagine trying to get sand out of that tightly woven leather? Egads, I wouldn't risk it. And it's so 'open' otherwise I'd be worried someone would reach in and swipe somthing (but that's me, I have to commute daily on the L and deal with airport security almost weekly). So as I'm thinking about that bag, I would skip it...except when the sides are tucked/tied, because then it is super cute!

    If you absolutely love woven, then go for the smaller Perry. Otherwise, just enjoy your Dylan Medium Tote for a month and see what else you like. I am clearly not advocating for you to keep it because it was a deal, or to exchange and pay more than you wanted to spend. If you don't love it and find it functional, will you carry it?
  11. Thanks so much ladies for all your well considered advice! I have read, thought about and reread each one of your comments. I've decided that I am going to return this bag... Other than dress up, I just can't think of a situation where I would not carry my Dylan Medium Tote. I love this bag. So, I am taking your advice SweetSusan and will just enjoy it for a bit... now, that doesn't mean I can't look for a fabulous new wallet!
  12. I do have this bag but I haven't used it yet. Not because I don't love it but because i've been bad and bought a lot of things lately and am using those first. :blush:

    My only experience so far is trying to fit my work stuff into it this morning. While it would fit everything, I'm afraid it's too slouchy for my papers and laptop.

    I really love the leather and style so I'm just going to try using it as a purse and see how it goes. It would be a good bag to take out with the kids too...
  13. I know I'm about a year behind on this thread, but I just wanted to thank Carmelita for her pics with the wings tucked and tied. I just bought the Perry large tote in black and LOOOOOOOVE it that way!!! :biggrin::P:tpfrox: