Large Patent Gallery Tote (Mahogany Brown)

  1. Ok, so I just bought this purse and I must say - I absolutely LOVE it! It's a stunning bag to look at. Anyone else have one of these? Any comments? I added the Bleeker wallet/checkbook and ordered the Bleeker Wristlet to carry my cosmetics in.

    New to the forum, just wanted to say "Hi!"
  2. Welcome to the forum.:flowers: You are going to love it here.
    Please post some pics of your purse.
  3. Congrats, welcome to the forum! I've seen this tote and I LOVE it!

    Would love to see some pics!
  4. I recently got this bag in the medium size and I just love it! I love totes so much - they are so easy to get stuff into and out of, plus the combination of mahogany and patent is just gorgeous. Here's mine.
  5. i have it in ruby. i got mine at macys last week! i paid 278.. a few days ago i found out the outlets had it for 240 + 20% off.. =( but it went fast so i wouldnt of had a chance lol