Large Patent Ergo Hobo - 11469

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  1. A few days back I had tried to find out the style number for the large patent ergo hobo, and I have found it and wanted to share! The 11009 is last year's number; 11469 is this year's limited edition. I have posted it in the previous Mahogany (dark chocolate) and the current Brown (milk chocolate) - can't figure out the drilldown code for Pond though for those interested . . . I am liking the brown (as well as the mahogany), and am wondering just how different these two styles really are. When I got my red one last year filled with stuffing, it sure looked like the first.

    Any thoughts?

    Does anyone know the code for pond? (tlloveshim, the Amazing :queen: of Drilldown?)
    11009_B4MA-1_d2.jpg 11469_B4BR-1_d2.jpg
  2. Its 11623;)
  3. For the medium hobo:tup:
  4. ^Tee hee, that's what I needed to find out the code! PD = Pond!!!

    Here's the medium 11623 from dd - and wow, that blue is definitely looking different than what many have said about it IRL! And the brown too for fun:smile:
    11623_B4PD-1_d2.jpg 11623_B4BR-1_d2.jpg
  5. I love ergos. I can't wait t see the blue.
  6. oooh, I like the brown!
  7. Wow, I like the brown...!

    The leather looks but quite different from tote #11012...
    Which one is closer to the reality ? Does somebody know ?

  8. i'm loving both of the browns in the large! The smaller size is too small for me. I bet they are the same bag...they're probably just stuffed differently in the photo. Just a guess.
  9. THe two large hobos DO look a bit different. Is the new large Hobo bigger? Or stuffed different as ellacoach has said? Not sure...I'm really liking the medium brown hobo!!:yes: Does anyone have prices for the medium and large hobos?
  10. Uh, er, I meant to say the second photo! :rolleyes: Editing and typing (and thinking) are better after sleep. . .
  11. I knew what you meant. ;)
  12. I already loved the pond but that brown is beautiful!
  13. I really love the brown as well!! I am not as big of fan of the Pond.
  14. What is the difference between brown and the dark brown of last year? Anybody have a comparison picture? Thanks:confused1:
  15. I have the mahogany Ergo Hobo. I don't know how it compares to the brown but I think that they are the same color. It is a fantastic bag!
    IMG0001_6.jpg IMG0001_5.jpg