Large Partition Bag is Here!!!

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  1. :yahoo: large partition bag in navy/marine is here!

    its something different....the leather is soft...its a dual bag...foldable when you dont need space. with a touch a GH for elegance for a casual bag. it has a vintagy/modern look in it. only a balenciaga lover will recognize its a balenciaga bag!

    i luv it! at first im torn with camel and truffle....but this navy is cool:yahoo:

    cant wait to post pics....have to wait for DH to upload it from camera.
  2. Yayy, I know you've been waiting for this.:yahoo: Congrats :party: and hurry up with the pics.:sweatdrop:
  3. Congrats! I'm dying to see pics. Lots of pics lol.
  4. :crybaby: im not tech person and i have my 2 babies with me...

    i will post as soon as dh comes....i like it but im having 2nd thoughts about the color again:sweatdrop:

    thanks ladies:smile:
  5. i saw the partition bag yesterday for the first time...
    NM SF had a camel color and a truffle...
    it's really gorgeous...

  6. thanks kimair:smile:

    which one you prefer....marine or truffle?

    can i pm u?

  7. Omigosh, how wonderful! Pics as soon as you can!
  8. Pls post pics as soon as u receive her...congrats~~
  9. Pics please!!!!!!!!

    We want to see! We want to see!
  10. photos please! You are killing me!
  11. tomm ladies:p my dd played the camera and my dh is still fixing it...

    its better to take pics at day time:smile:
  12. congrats! waiting for your pics.. :drool:
  13. so curious as to what this looks like...can't wait for pics!!! :whistle: :idea:
  14. Okay, I am checking this thread again, and still, there are no pics. Bagdizzy, you are killing me!
  15. thanks ladies for the candor!
    here is my 1st (and certainly not the last one) Balenciaga!:yahoo:
    the B box.JPG whats inside.JPG hello B.JPG folded.JPG inside.JPG