Large Parris Biarritz Tote in Black

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  1. Hi Ladies, Im looking for a black PB tote in black... yeahhhh.. it will be my 3rd black chanel purse but I dont really mind.. been passing up on this tote for a while until I realized I really want it.. been in luuuve w/ my pst but I dont think it would be practical to get another pst in black...
    Pls let me know, is it readily available in US chanel stores? TIA!
  2. Is it the large PB tote with 2 side pockets? A friend of mine just bought from Penny at Hirshleifer yesterday. Or you can try BG, my SA informed me they just received the stock last week. Good luck :biggrin:

  3. oh shuxxx is there a large w/o pockets? would you know how much was it? thanks for the reply hun
  4. Hi there got mine in singapore last august. It was 2,260 sing dollars less tax refund ;)

    I think mine is a bit smaller than the one with the pockets on the side but the is just what i wanted. The sa there said this one is the latest style. It has patent trimmings ;)

    The smallest size they have is slightly bigger than the pst and this is the next size so this size i think is pretty much the same as the large biarritz :smile:

  5. Sorry i am not sure about the price and availability of the large w/o side pockets. The one w/ side pockets is US$1,650....