Large parchment zoe?

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  1. I went to visit the (only) coach boutique toda, and came across this beauty!

    Am I just really lost and not up to date, or is this a new colour? It LOOKED like parchment to me... and it wasn't the XL braided zoe, which I have seen before. I'm located in Australia, so things might be a bit different here (since we're going into spring soon and all), but my general impression was that Australia got collections half a year behind the US!

    The funny thing is... I went in looking for the large black zoe (not patent), and they told me that they had been on sale and had already sold out! I thought this one hadn't hit the outlets yet in the US...?

    Anyways! If parchment is out, does anyone know of any new colours that the large leather zoe may be coming in? I really love the leather zoe, but I already own a white bag, and I'm looking at getting the zoe as an every day university bag (since I don't really carry textbooks and stuff around. Just a small A5 folder and some notes!)
  2. ... I must've been really tired when I posted that last night.

    We're going into Autumn/Winter over here (though the Australian collections follow those of the US, so things tend to be the opposite, hence why i wrote 'spring'.)

    Anyways.. does anyone know about any upcoming spring collection colours? :smile: Is parchment even a new colour?

    Sorry for the double post! I just wanted to fix up the mix-up with the seasons, but couldn't edit my post!
  3. I think parchment came out in the past few months; it may have started with the Op Art Sabrina and Op Art Julianne. I think the newest parchment bags came last week when they did the last release of new bags. I think they are in this thread and I think all of what's in that preview book may be on now. I think I have read about new Parker and Riley lines.