Large Paraty

  1. I usually hang out in the Prada thread but have been lured by paraty & have decided I need (yes need not want) one in desert mauve.
    Have been eyeing one up but it is in a large size.
    Can anyone that has a large give me their opinion on how they feel about it.
    I'm 5ft 9 so don't think it would be too overwhelming but would love to hear your thoughts before I take the plunge.
  2. Hi Poppy, I don't have a Paraty so I can't answer your question but I just wanted to say that desert mauve is such a beautiful colour! It's gorgeous - excellent choice :smile: I'm sure ladies with the large Paraty will be able to help you soon!
  3. I had the large last year in pinkberry. Although I was totally obsessed with the bag and color it was just too big for me. The medium really holds a much as a balenciaga day or city, and the large felt so big to me (I'm 5'6" 125 lbs) that it felt almost like a men's messenger sized bag, does that make sense? If u really want a large (wide) bag go for the large otherwise hold out for the medium. I have 2 mediums now and it's really just the nicest bag!
  4. Thanks girls, think I might just hold out for the medium.
    I'm used to the Miu Miu bow in large & medium seems about the same length.
    Just so hard as we have no Chloe over here so have to go by pic's on here.
    Would hate to go to trouble of getting & then it's too big.
    Thanks for helping me decide....wait for medium it is
  5. Hi poppy, I think the large would look fine for your height but like alicap is pretty long and wide. I personally think the paraty in medium is the perfect size and the shape looks best on a medium. GL on fiding a DM in medium if that is what you decide on!
  6. So glad I'm home alone as I just pulled my favourite trick of measuring & folding a newspaper to the right size & holding it up.
    Works a treat.:nuts:
    Have discovered from my newspaper bag that it's way too big, large is definitely not what I'm after.
    At least I know what I'm searching for now.
    Lets hope it's a quick find as think I will die if don't get a paraty soon!
    Thanks for all your help
  7. I hope you find the DM in medium, when you do you better snatch it up quick. They are sold out everywhere from what I have heard/read.
  8. That's a useful little trick, Poppy! :giggles:
  9. Hello, I've got a large paraty. I'm only 5'4 but here's a pic of how it looks, just to give you an idea.

    With this size I find that it's hard to use the long strap. I was thinking if the long strap was the length of the military paraty it would look good on the shoulders. I don't mind the large but I think the medium might be more easier to carry around as I try to protect my bag but I feel like I always hit into things (if that makes sense, or I'm clumsy). :smile:
  10. ^wow! that is huge! would it be a good travel bag? we are about the same height, are the straps really long? was hoping to use it crossbody
  11. Glad you think so as DH says I look like a total idiot & I'm embarrassing.hehe
  12. It looks so good on you!
    I'm super clumsy & hit into things anyway with my normal size bags so think I better go for medium or will end up banned from the shops.
    Doubt I will find a medium desert mauve but after seeing the lychee reveal on here today think I'll go for that.
    Thanks so much for sharing your pic, a big help:smile:
  13. Just one question, does the short handle fits well over the shoulder? I know I can use the longer strap but just figuring out the options of carrying this bag before I commit.
  14. Yes, the large is very very large, I tried it on in Bloomies once. But again, I am only 5'3. The medium is perfect. The large actually looks really nice on you, Eavish.

    I wear my medium paraty on my shoulder often, with the short shoulder straps. It can be a tight fit with thick sweater or jacket, but with shirt or sweater it is fine!
  15. Here are some pictures just to show you how the large looks on and the different ways to carry it. Hopefully these pictures will help you and other people that are interested in the large paraty decide.
    image-132642915.jpg image-3933652150.jpg image-158902850.jpg image-1695218714.jpg image-3508134148.jpg image-1289986628.jpg image-35460676.jpg