Large Pandora--anthracite OR burgundy??

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  1. Which color should I get? Anyone have pics of either of these colors?
  2. Really can depend on what you want from the bag.
    Neutral or pop of color?

    You can easily find these colors online if you google.

    There is brick (burgundy) in goatskin shw and pepe ghw.
    The anthracite come in pepe only I think.

    Pepe can be a much more casual look.
    Goatskin can dress up a bit.

    Think about what you already have, your wardrobe colors and style, and decide which would really contribute something new yet very useable.
  3. You are on a G roll emilybug.
    I agree with hrhsunshine.
    Get both lol?
    Colour choice is so personal. Please reveal when you have made your choice.
  4. Thanks for your responses!
    I'm leaning toward the burgundy pepe leather. The Gale I just got is dark brown, but it's a real chameleon of a some lights it almost has an olive hint to it, in others it's a dark taupe. I LOVE the neutrality of it, so I'm thinking that I need a pop of color instead of another neutral. I've obsessively looked at pics of both colors online, but just find it very hard to choose. I really think I keep coming back to the burgundy, though.......
  5. I'm deciding too between the anthracite and a more bold color. I ordered the "washed navy" from net a porter but just sent it back as, IMO, it looked a bit Smurf-y.
    I've seen photos where the anthracite ages over time to a taupe/brown. Has anyone else had this happen? I like the starting grey color as it is.
  6. I've got a burgundy goatskin ant, I do find the colour becoming more brownish. I guess this is cos the leather has become more seasoned.
  7. I think I'm gonna go with the burgundy.....