Large Paddington TOTE

  1. Can someone please post pictures of the Large Paddie TOTE...I am unable to find any in different colors...Thanks Ladies:yes:
  2. Thanks...
  3. Are you after a specific colour...?
  4. Yes I would like to see Black...also I just sent you a PM
  5. Got it, thanks.:yes:

    Both yourself and another tPF'er are after a black one - tough call!;)
  6. Nice sleuthing chicky!!! That mousse is tdf! Too bag I already have a mousse bag.....
  7. Hey there, did you ever determine for sure that the one you bought was fake? Would be great to know what you determined so that others would know what to expect of the chloe's at c mart.
  8. Okay, I know I'm really crazy now...I bought the mustard large paddington tote!:nuts: Thank you to green_eggs for PM! I have this color in the large zippy bouler, but has that ever stopped a Chloe-phile?? In any case, they have another one, if anyone is interested...they are not cheap though...this one set me back over 2K with the shipping...:rolleyes: What a great addition to the collection...this color is really hot for spring:smile: THANK YOU!!!! Oh, and chicky...I hope you are an investigator or something like that! You have a talent!!! :smile::smile:Many thanks!
  9. Beanie well done!

    Fantastic - cant wait to see it

    Yay for our resident bag finder Chicky! Shes bad for our bank balance!
  10. You aren't kidding. My DH was incredulous that I said I "needed" another Chloe bag! I think he believes I "lost" it a long time ago, so now he's just humoring me! I am sure he has no idea that I have the same color in the medium paddy and the large zippy! (Which does sound nuts as I type this!!):nuts:
    Oh, I meant to add that what they are calling "camel" is really the taupe. It's a gorgeous color and very neutral, also not as light as it appears.

  11. Crazy???? No way!!! :party:
  12. Hey ~ I am working on that right now and will update everyone shortly...however I can tell you that my girlfriend brought a Paddie from there last April but her tag inside her bag said that it came from "Intermix"...however mines did not say that it just had C~Mart. I am posting pictures in the Authentication section...
  13. Agreed! I have this bag in the taupe and it's a wonderful rich color:


    Although she is currently on her way out of my collection, primarily from lack of use. :sad:

    BTW, there is a 15" laptop inside the bag in this pic!! It is a perfect work tote!!