Large Paddington Tote

  1. Hi I have my eye on the large tote currently on sale at NAP. Have you guys seen the bag in person? Can you carry it on my shoulder? I am thinking this is a perfect everyday/work bag. Thank you!
  2. Which one? Can you post pictures?
  3. i could fit it over my shoulder with a thin jacket or sweater but definitely not a heavy coat...hope that helps!
  4. Thank you!
  5. it depends on your frame but i would say its difficult with a coat on
  6. I just got mine from LVR today. It's the muscade one. I'm so crazy about it! In my opinion there's no problem wearing it on a shoulder, even with a coat on. Go for it!!!!
  7. I have this one. It's comfortable over the shoulder. I like the size.

  8. That's a great price! Isn't the retail on this lower than it was at other stores? -- of course making the sale even more attractive!
  9. I don't own the Shopper, but I have handled it at my local department store. My only concern is the compartment at the bottom, because if you didn't put anything inside it, the main compartment could sink in a bit.

    Also, the addition of the base compartment makes the main compartment more shallow. I also heard that owners were concerned with the padlock clunking about every time you set the bag down.

    And regarding the overall design, I still think it's more of a casual bag than a work/office bag. I believe the Edith classic to be more of a work bag, or even the Paddington Tote bag.