Large paddington tote...

  1. is killing my back! I used it during a day of shopping last week and by the end of the day both sides of my back hurt (right below the shoulderblades) since I kept switching it from one shoulder to the other. Does anyone else have this problem?? If so how do you cope with it? :hysteric:
  2. SPA afterwards
  3. Shopping then spa, sounds good.
  4. and you will have plenty of room in your fab bag to stock up on spa products ;)
  5. I really wanted that bag to use for school, but I heard it was heavy even without the books, so I stayed away. But I love it and it is SO cute.
  6. ah Illinii,
    Is this what I have to look forward to from my daughter ;)
    wanting a paddy as a school bag.

    I had a clarks satchel when I was at school, and carried by books in a carrier bag with a good shop name on it (if I was lucky :biggrin:)
  7. By the time she is my age, she might want to use a Hermes as a bookbag. LOL :wtf:
  8. hehe, thanks for all your comments! When the SA was selling me this tote she said that I can always take the lock off to make the bag lighter, but I bought it for the lock so I guess my back will suffer (until I hit the spa!)...
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