"Large Paddington Shoulder Bag in Whiskey Pebble Leather" @ NM?

  1. Okay, my mom just called to tell me about a 'Chloe Large Paddington Bag in Whiskey pebble leather' for $1620.

    This is in the 2007 Neiman Marcus catalog that arrived @ her house yesterday(model wearing Dior sunglasses, NM by Design on cover) I don't have the catalog yet.

    She says it looks like the Large Paddy Tote/Buyer's tote (the old $1910.00 one) tote but it's smaller and softer-looking??!!


    Does anyone have a pic of this bag or the catalog to verify?? My mom is even less knowlegeable than I am about Chloes so maybe she's mistaken.:shrugs:

    ..arrgh..Now I'm wondering if this is the one I took for a fake from eBay the other day?:push::confused1:
  2. The tote comes in 2 sizes.
    There is also a Hobo which would be a 3rd size.
    $1620 sounds like a front pocket Paddington?

    I will check for my catalog as well.

    I just PM'd you
  3. The AR colors others than black and brown are hard to figure out, they show an orange, is it orange or whiskey, they show cream--is it cream or blanc or somthing else. Why can't they use the Chloe color name?
  4. They describe the orange as orange, as this color was very first spotted by me in this style at NM awhile back.
    I think it is orange, not whiskey.

    Not sure about the cream. It could be taupe or sand, don't think it is blanc as that usually photographs like white.
  5. I thought they discontinued the color Whiskey? I really want to buy a tall tote in Whiskey. Please let me know if they are going to have this color again!!