Large orange Gustto Baca - opinions?

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  1. So I ran across this Baca...had not seen it in this color, but thought I'd get opinions..I'm not usually a fan of orange, but this looks not so orangey..

  2. where did you see this bag? I didn't think Gustto made their bags in orange? Is this a new color for fall?
  3. I like it! It's wonderfully bright.
  4. Actually on a reputable website that I frequent..and I've seen other colors for Gustto earlier this year on JCMadison..they had lemon yellow and aqua Setelas..I'm thinking Gustto does a basic line then does a fashion line that must be very limited in production.. I'm just sorry I didn't grab those Setela's, they were wonderful for spring..
  5. I like it. It's more like a bright peach than orange.
  6. Great color! And the leather looks really nice! Not sure if I like the style but the color is yummy!
  7. I think I'd have to see that color in person to know for sure. I kind of like it, if it's more of a coral-like shade, and less orange-y. I think bags that have washed or softer leathers, tend to be a little lighter. I have a Marc Jacobs Scarlet, which according to the tag is red, but because it's made of washed leather, its lighter & more coral-like than red. It's actually multi-tonal (sorta like the bag in the pics you posted - it looks multi-tonal rather than all one shade).
  8. mmmmmm! I love it! If you're like me, I've been trying to break out of my black/brown bag jail, and that baby sure would do it!

    Think how striking that would be with a black outfit or a navy or one in brown tones. :drool:
  9. I think it's lovely!:nuts:
  10. I love that color. It's not so bright that you'd have to wear it with plain colors, but bright enough so it pops!
  11. I have seen different colors of the Baca pop up now and then. Personally I like the peachy color.

    I just bought a Blue on Ebay, it is almost a cornflower blue. And I understand Seafoam Green was also made.

    I like these shades and think they help get me out of the rut of browns and black.
    GusttoBacaBlue-Front2.JPG GustoBacaBlue-Side2.JPG
  12. Lov eit!!
  13. I love it, great colour for the Baca shape and leather, it looks so squishy and soft!
  14. I love the colour! - IMO the bag would look better if the hardware were brass or gold colour though.
  15. The color is perfect for Summer!

    I just purchased the Black/Black Patent Trim Large Baca myself.