Large or Small Heritage Stripe? :D

  1. Okay, so as all of you probably know by now, I am head-over-heels in love with the Pink Heritage Stripe tote.

    I got the new catalog this week, and I saw that they had the measurements of both the Large and the Small. When I saw the measurements for the small, I realized that it's not all that small at all. I think someone was asking about the measurements for the small anyway, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to post.

    Here's the measurements for the Small(#11349)-$258:
    13L x 10H x 4W.....these measurements are VERY similiar to the Patchwork gallery totes, so they are not all that small. Now I'm actually thinking of getting a small. And it's $100 cheaper! The thing I'm worried about is the drop. It doesn't list the drop.

    Here's the measurements for the Large(#11351)-$358:
    18L x 14H x 4W Not that much bigger. I dunno, what do you guys think?

    Here's my dilemma....I LOVE that the small is much cheaper, and sounds like it could be a pretty good size....but I'm a large bag kinda what do you think? Please tell me someone has the small w/ modelling pics? If not, what is your advice? The large might actually look too big...I dunno now.

    Well, TIA and sorry for the long post!:heart:

  2. I would go for the small unless you are going to use it for books or something like that. I bet the drops are the same.
  3. Well most of you girls know I loveloveloveeee my large one. It's perfect,
  4. ^^Yes, you are the enabler! It does look gorgeous on you. I'm just wondering, since both are 4 inches wide, they would fit about the same, unless you piled stuff on top of each other or were gonna carry books, right? I dunno. I wish it was on the website so I could use the "try it on" option.

    Thanks for your responses, DC5Chick06 and Taralindsey!
  5. I know. :smile: I need to take a picture of it stuffed with everything I carry. When I am home tomorrow I will locate a camera and take some pix. and some better modeling pix, those were crappy IMO

    How tall are you?
  6. I would get the smaller one. But it all depends on what are you gonna use it for? Everyday, School, Work? If it's for everyday I go with the small but if its for work or school usually you would need more your bag so i'd get the big one (that's how it would be for me). Well good luck on deciding! It is a beautiful bag. I might get the small one for myself since I got the PCE. who knows? hehe.
  7. I'm 5'2". If you could take more pics that would be awesome. Only if you have the time though:smile: You've been such a big help!
  8. I'm wondering about this too! I love large bags but sometimes find if a tote is too huge, I can't use it as much as I'd like.

    I'm also worried about the drop. I like a 9" drop on my bags, so I hope it's around there! I'm a little chunkier and the straps dont fit well on me w/o the longer drop.

    I just LOVE this bag!
  9. My bf got the small one for me and i'm 5'5.Alot of stuff fits perfectly in there.I love it!
  10. Huh? What's this you say? I had no clue!:lol::roflmfao: I want to get this bag too and I am afraid the large is too big and the small will be too small...I wish someone could model both so we could see the difference. I'm afraid these will go bye bye before they really hit the stores...:sad:
  11. LOL! I know, I've been obsessing for awhile. I am worried about the same thing as far as size. Oh really think they will be gone before they hit stores? I have the same feeling. Which is why I may have to secure one before I go home for the holidays. Maybe I'll just have it sent to my mom and dads. I have to sell two of my bags, but hey, I'll have time to do that, but it's whether or not this bag will still be around buy the time all of it goes through. I'll have to talk to DH...:sweatdrop:

  12. As of 12/21 at 1:30 pm the Heritage Stripe Large Tote No. 11351 is sold out. Coach should be getting more in stock sometime late in January.
  13. :wtf:


    Okay, I'm going to go cry now...
  14. Thank you for the info, Liz.
  15. I would get the small one for sure. I'm just not into the big bags and do not like the look at all (especially on a small frame).