Large or Petit Bucket?

  1. I am looking for a roomy shoulder bag, and I'm thinking about buying a Bucket bag. For those of you who have one, would you recommend the large bucket or the petit bucket? Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I have the petite bucket and I love it!
    It is very roomy for me; I usually carry a small agenda, coin purse, dh's camera, compact and brush, ipod and a small notebook. I have plenty of room to spare!
  3. i think i like the petit better
  4. I like the large, but I like big bags.
  5. Petit vote here.
  6. Petit is better.
  7. I thought they discontinued that item, but I see it's still available. :push:

    I would get PM in a fun Epi color.
  8. petit petit!
  9. What do you need to carry inside?
  10. I agree!! :yes:
  11. i would say petit unless you really carry a lot!
  12. i use to have the petit, but it was not my favorite bag. its way small I would go with the Large bucket.
  13. Petit gets my vote- but I don't carry big bags
  14. My vote goes for the Large Bucket. :yes:
  15. i would go for petit. it was my first LV bag and im still loving it.