Large or OS Muse

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  1. HI yall while I realize this question has been asked a gazillion times ( yes I did a search) and I know it a matter of personal preference.. I am trying to decide between the L or OS Muse.. I am 5'3'' but wear 4 to 5 inch heels every day and I love big bags.. I have the original deer skin YSL downtown and I love it.

    But I have been stalking the websites and returns to try to get an OS on sale and no luck. I have found a Large on sale ( not the great price NM and BG have them at but still less then retail)

    I just cant decide.. anyone got any advice or experince or should I just wait and save up and buy one of the new fall ones full price in the OS.
  2. oh and looking at the measurements is it really only one inch taller and one inch deeper and thats it...
  3. I love my Oversize Muse, and it really sounds like that's the size for you, too. :yes: Personally, I prefer the longer, more vertical look of the Oversize, rather than the shorter, wider Large size.

    That said, the Oversize is a large tote bag, not a handbag, and some tPFers have found its too big for their personal taste. Fyi, I'm about 5' 4" and wear 3" heels most days, and I've had my Muse about a year.

    I think you should try to hold on and get what your really want. Good luck!
  4. What is the link for the NM large muse?
  5. Beware, those Muse measurements on the dept. store websites are notoriously incorrect!

    Here's a pic from Goldensx5, showing her two Large Muses next to her Oversize Muse.

    The Large and Oversize are basically the same width at the base. But the Oversize is a good 3-4" taller than the Large. Trust me, I've seen them many times in person.


    ***Check out the "YSL Photo Resource" thread at the top of this subforum to see pics of other members' Muses, including modeling pics. Perhaps that will help you decide.
    Goldensx5 Muses--two Large, one Oversize.jpg
  6. well that settles it I am going to wait for an OS.. the large would have still been $899.. might as well spend the extra $500 to have what I really really want..
  7. I love large bags. I tend to wear heels too, so I could put a pair of comfy, light shoes in there if I needed to. I also heard someplace it can fit a laptop(?)...
  8. Yes, the Oversize Muse could definitely hold a laptop--probably even two laptops. Or a laptop and an Olson twin. :p
  9. For your comparison purposes then, here's my Large Downtown next to my Oversize Muse.

  10. I am about your height, and I am still looking for a good deal of this bag...but I guess large should be good enough for daily wear. I wonder if OS is way to big for you to carry and walk with 4" heels? :yes:
  11. That's a good point. I would strongly urge anybody considering buying a Muse to try on the different sizes in person, if at all possible. ;)
  12. nope pretty sure the OS will be for me..I have always liked the big bags.. in fact I also want a Large Downtown.. that black patent is gorgeous.. I think this settles it.. OS Muse for me and a Large Downtown.. start saving now. LOL

    Is anyone is interested in the number for the Large Muse pm me but it was $899.
  13. Hi SC, I'm a new member so I'm not able to PM, but can you give me the number? I'm really interested in the large Muse.

    Thanks! :tup: