Large or Medium Sized Heloise?????

  1. I just received the large-sized Heloise in Black from Netaporter. It is absolutely gorgeous, and not ridiculously big. I am generally a person who would normally go for the medium sized bag rather than the large, so I would like to see what you all say about the difference in size, and why you prefer one over the other. Also, it is slightly heavy. Besides the Paddington, are all Chloe bags more on the heavy side? Before I decide whether to keep it or not, I would like to hear from the rest of you which one you own/have seen IRL, and why you would get one over the other.....
  2. I just bought a medium Heloise in black. You can check the pictures from another thread that i posted. I am 5'6.

    I adore the large one as well. I picked this size because i have already had a large bag. In terms of weight, i tried the large one at the shop and it seemed lighter than paddy but normally Chloe bags are quite heavy ie. Edith, Silverado. For the style, the large one looks more vintage and boho so it depends on the way you dress. The medium one is more lady-like IMO. I love both sizes

    Good luck.
  3. Good luck with your bag as well. It is a gorgeous bag. I love the Chloe leather. Looked at your pictures. I am 5'6" as well, so your bag would look the same on me. I have all medium sized bags, so maybe it's time for a larger size. You have a large one already, so I completely understand the medium sized Heloise.

    Love Chloe.....