Large or Medium matellase?

  1. Okay, I want to get a matellase in the bleu glacier. Should I get the large or the medium. I was told that Lidsey Lohan's is a large and I love how she can carry hers on her shoulder. Can the medium be worn on the shoulder, too?
  2. LL has the medium. The large is HUGE, almost like an overnight bag and it looks funky IMO. I have the medium and it's perfect. It's actually quite large. I have a hard time wearing most bags on my shoulder but the medium could be worn on the shoulder.
  3. great idea! matelasse in bleu glacier will be lovely (the shade will offset the silver hardware which i find a little shiny against the black and brown). assuming there are only 2 sizes i tried in the large yesterday and found it perfect -- aroound the length of the city (maybe a wee longer) but certainly not as big as the work (which i love but may be considered huge by some). and yes the added bonus that the straps fit over my shoulder. the small was much more like a handbag. good luck and post pics whichever you get!
  4. I have the Medium (in Black ... it's my Avatar). I think you need to ask yourself how much are you going to carry. The reason why I say this, is because I find that the Medium is too SMALL for me ... however, let me say that it's probably because the majority of B-Bags that I own are Weekenders (since I travel so much).

    I have found that I can fit the Medium on my shoulder ... [if] ... I'm wearing a light shirt (T-Shirt/Sweater). Unless you're really tiny, I wouldn't think that you would be able to fit it on your shoulder with a heavy jacket on.

    I'm still trying to get my hands on the LARGE (GRANDE) Matelasse in the Marron Glace (Brown) color!
  5. Get it in the medium, I can fit the handles over my shoulder and I am not super thin! and it is still very roomy imo!... the large is very big-- almost like a small overnight bag...
  6. according to ateliernaff the large matelasse is approximately the same size as the city -- half an inch longer, half an inch shorter and a couple inches deeper.
  7. [​IMG]



    Are you sure Lindseys is the medium? Because what size would J Lo be carrying - hers looks smaller to me.
  8. And - if it is the medium - then can anyone with the large show me a pic of themselves wearing theirs?
  9. Lindsay definitely has the medium matelasse :yes:
  10. This is true but the shape of the bag makes it look SO much larger than a City. I have a pic of the two (City and large M) and it gives you an idea of the difference but doesn't do it justice. I believe I have posted it before. I'll try to find it...
  11. both look like the medium
  12. get the medium one!!
  13. oops, trying again..
  14. Medium.... I am adding a black one to my black bbag collection! Love this style!