Large Musette, should i buy?

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  1. OK here is the story
    some one offered me a great deal for a 2nd hand musette
    with great deal i'm talking 250 euro's!
    i really like this bag, i don't own a LV bag with large strap and i think it would be great for shopping, school and holidays!
    but i just bought a new ipod, i do have some money left but told myself to save up (don't know for what!)
    and i love new bags, i love the store experience..but this is just a great deal!!
    what would you do? my BF won't tell me what to do lol :p
  2. I personally dont prefer that bag!
    Save your $$!
  3. ^^agreed!
  4. Really not that functional.... Agreed with others!
  5. I love the musette, was just eyeing it yesterday. I agree with you about liking new bags though, although a really good condition 2nd hand is such a great buy; I have some of them and love them very very much. I think the musette is very cool, and would get it if it were me. Good luck!
  6. unless you are crazy about the bag, save your money until you see a bag you are crazy about!
  7. Cute but not very functional. It's hard to organize your stuff in that purse- bit of a black hole IMO.
  8. I'm not a great fan on the Musette.. Maybe it's better if you save money for a bag that you are crazy for, that calls you out!
  9. I bought the bag after seeing it on a lady in Vegas and never trying it on. I found it to be too massive and actually took up my entire side...and looked ridiculous on me.

    I ended up selling it on eBay for more than 1/2 of what I paid.

    I suggest trying it on see if he fits your body.
  10. I have never been a fan of the Musette. Not sure what the appeal of it is, but that's just my opinion. Personally I say don't get it. But if you happen to love this bag and really want it, then get it at that price second hand. But I do agree with never-enough-LV in that you should try it on first.
  11. I have the musette and love it.The downside is the large black hole(unorganised bag)but I love it coz it holds lots and still sits quite flat for a cross body bag.Its a great handsfree shopping bag and as its close to the body great security.I say for that price go for it.
  12. Contrary to what everyone is saying I LOVE this bag.

    i have one and its a great messenger style hands free bag. You just sling it on your body and go. And it hold a ton.

    Yes everything falls to the bottom...but all totes are like that. I used to carry mine ALL the time but now I have too many bags I have not used it in a long long time. But its great. I love it. I would reccomend it. great for traveling or any place where you need your hands. its not bulky and sits flat on the body:tup:

    good luck
  13. I don't care for this style at all. I say save your money and buy a bag you really love. I've purchased bags because it was a great buy that weren't ones I would have paid full price for and I was almost always sorry.
  14. I love messenger style bags, I love putting a ton of stuff in them and slinging them across my body; cause I can be kinda tomboyish. Depends on what you really like in a bag. I would get a musette if I could, cause I think it would be functional for me. But, if you don't like that cross body messenger look, then it might not be for you...
  15. thanks for all the reply's, i decided not to buy the bag. I know i am going to regret this but i bought a new Ipod last week + in a month i'll have no income anymore

    If anyone is intrested in the bag and wants to get in contact with the seller, PM me