Large Musette...Damier or Mono???

  1. which do you prefer this bag in?
  2. damier
  3. mono!
  4. mono
  5. mono! :smile:
  6. Damier!
  7. Definitely Damier!!!
  8. Damier:heart:
  9. Damier!!
  10. Mono :smile:
  11. Mono!!!
  12. Damier! If you get Monogram, the strap is just going to look ugly in the future, too much naked vachetta to be left to the elements. Get it in Damier and it will always be beautiful!
  13. ^^^ That is, if you know how to care for your vachetta. ;)

    I think the Musette looks great in both canvases, but liking the Damier more ATM?
  14. Mono!
  15. def mono