large muse?

  1. can someone please post a pic of them wearing the large YSl muse? i am thinking about getting it but have no idea about the size.

  2. i know nicole richie has a pic with a large muse in yellow! it was so nice :smile:
  3. I think the Muse comes bigger than the one Nicole has. I just saw it on Saturday at NM and it looks more like a small carry-on, whereas Nicole's looks like a large handbag.
  4. so is nicoles the large or oversized?
  5. nevermind i found a pic in the forum... now i just need to decide to buy or not.
  6. Love this bag. I tried to order this from the YSL in Las Vegas what I actually got was the light green (which is yellow-green) one! The SA told me she had yellow and sent me that. I called SCP and the SA there told me that there was the a bright yellow. I am still following up but it was a sale item, not too much I can do :sad: I would say it it med to large.
  7. i believe the one nicole is carrying is the large. u have to remember she is super tiny.
  8. i think what you saw is the oversized muse. :smile: not the large.
  9. thanks. i am probably about the same size as her. im sure the oversized would be too big for me.
  10. I've posted pictures of myself and my large muse in a seperate thread.