large muse price?

  1. Today I ordered a dark choc large Muse at Nordstrom. The sales called another store and they will ship it to me. But she charged me 1395 for the bag and she told me that the price is increased for large Muse about 100 bucks. Is it true? I looked it up on NM and Saks websites, they still show 1295. Anyone has any idea?? Thanks!
  2. Hi! When I was at Nordstrom last week, I noticed the price increase, too. I'm not sure why, but maybe that is their policy for this year. I have read on other threads on this forum that Nordstrom matches prices. If you tell and show your sales associate the price difference, perhaps they can adjust the price.
  3. Thank you. So what I need to bring is just the website of NM or SAKS?
  4. YSL did just have a price increase...(per the SA at the boutique in Houston) $100 increase....the oversized is now $1395....the large should be $1295...I would try to get an adjustment in the price...I think you were charged for the oversized Muse ....
  5. I just purchased a large choclate brown muse on friday at Neiman Marcus in Chicago. The bag was marked 1295 but scanned at 1195. The sales assistant told me that there is about to be a price increase but it had not come into effect yet but apparantly the prices are going up!
  6. I supposed the USD is losing value against the Euro and that could affect the price.

  7. In Hong Kong YSL boutique muse large bags were priced 8990HKD which is 1168USD.
  8. i just got my large white/ivory muse for $648 from NM in Honolulu with this...
    Yves Saint Laurent -  Muse Bag, White -  Neiman Marcus. They price matched the online price which was totally awesome. You should try going to your local NM or wherever they price match and see if you can get the same deal. I believe it is only for that specific color though.
  9. at YSL boutique in Paris,its euro 1195
  10. MY BFF wants a Red one (saw Nicole Kidman with one?), which I understand is pretty tough to find. Any ideas? I've been concentrating all my efforts on my Chloes so I'm lost on the YSL bags. Thank you! ;)