large multipocket!!

  1. does anyone have a large multipocket? how do you like it! i think its so cute and i love how its big! hehe

    would u get the quilted mp or the regular calf skin? thanks!!! :yahoo:
  2. I absolutely love my Large MP!! :heart: It holds everything I could possibly want or need to carry. I would stick to the regular calfskin though, because the quilted has a chain strap that can hurt your shoulder.
  3. I have a large mp in geranium and I'm loving it!! :love: :love: It's a very versatile bag, not too mention very roomy! Though I try not to overload it as it can get pretty heavy. I like the claf skin better cause I just think the chain on the quilted mp won't be as comfortable to be carried all day. A true MJ lover has to have at least one mp! :p What color are you thinking of?
  4. I just got my first bag, and it's a large black MP! I love her so much...she's gorgeous. :heart: Everything about her...the shape, the quality of the leather, the heft of the hardware...she's perfect!!

    That said...she's HEAVY (even with nothing in her) and not very comfy on my shoulder. But I gladly suffer because she's worth it, and I figure I'll get used to it and she'll soften up. :p
  5. ^ Oh no, it still hurts despite breaking in the strap? I have the small MP, but the strap doesn't hurt me unless I wear it for a looooong time. Maybe the weight really does make a difference!
  6. I have a large mp, in calf skin, and I just love it! The weight doesn't bother me, for some reason, although I have found that to be the most common "issue" with the large mp. One of my favorite MJ's, to be sure!
  7. I have a white one and while I love it, I'm thinking about selling it only because the strap really digs into my shoulder. I know tho, when I take it out for spring I'll never let it go because it's so great looking and I love the pockets
  8. thanks guys! im prob gonna go for the black large MP...or the quilted MP in almond...those are the two options...seems like they will both hurt sooner or later huh!
  9. i love the large mp! you can't go wrong!