Large Multipocket or Venetia?

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  1. Good morning Ladies,

    I am undecided and I need your expert opinion. For those who have both the Multipocket and the Venetia. Which one would you recommend? I hope to get both, eventually, but as for now I can only afford one then I need to make this really difficult decision. Can you all help me? :confused1:

  2. I love the Venetia but prefer the MP for an everyday bag. What are you looking to use the bag for?
  3. I like the Venetia - but agree with Melly...if you're looking for everyday, practical use, then perhaps the Multipocket. In what color?
  4. Thanks for the responses!

    I was thinking black, to go to campus and carry books and other stuff. I read somewhere the MP is a little too heavy, is that right?
  5. I don't think either of these bags are considered light (they are MJs after all). However, I find I don't notice the weight as much with the MP (I have the large one) since it can be slung over the shoulder. The Venetia is usually an arm crook or handheld bag.
  6. Thanks, Melly. That is a great point. I will start my search for the large MP in black!!!!
  7. large MP for me! i love it!
  8. agree, the lg MP is a great every day bag! And when you're shlepping books, it's a lot easier to have a shoulder bag, IMO.
  9. Well today is only the second day I've been using my large black MP, but I'm already in LOVE. :heart: I've never used a Venetia, but I vote for the MP by default!!
  10. I like the Venetia!
  11. Are you wanting to use the bag as a tote for textbooks, and such?
  12. Hi Ladies,

    A bag for books and stuff to take to campus.

    I was at NM and Saks yesterday and tried them both, and YES: the large MP is!!! As soon as I get it, I will post pics. Thanks so much for the feedback!!!
  13. omg, i couldn't imagine putting books in my MJ bag! How about a nice MJ or MbyMJ tote? i wouldn't want to risk damaging my bag or scuffing it up.
  14. Yes, I understand, I tend to do that with my bags although I make sure the books are not too heavy, it is usually one, the one we are discussing in class. My students think I am crazy too, maybe you were one of my students :p
  15. I wouldn't use an MJ to throw books in. You'll ruin it. I took my MP to class ONCE on the first day I had it because I was so excited. And I didn't even put my books inside of it. I carried them in my arms. All through class I was paranoid about it getting damaged from falling on the floor or someone knocking it over (not to mention distracted by its overall gorgeousness ha) and wasn't even paying attention to the lecture. First and LAST time it came to school with me.

    So I would get a venetia from the two, but I wouldn't use a $1,000 bag to lug books around. I think that's silly. My friend got a stella the beginning of freshman year for her books. It was soo beautiful. By the end of the year it was in disgusting condition. Such a shame.