Large MP question...

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  1. AIf you have a Large MP, do you LOVE it? Is it easy to carry around and does it hold up well?

    I have been debating keeping it but I think I have decided to keep it. I haven't used it it super heavy when you load it up? I know that depends on what one carries, but is it any heavier than say, the Blake or the Stella?

    Every time I decide to get rid of her and go to pack her up, I try it on and just can't part with her. ESPECIALLY when I smell the suede. I think it's the most luxurious bag I own (my Stella has canvas lining or I'd say her!).

    Thank you for any thoughts, recommendations, advice, etc. :heart:
  2. I do love it. I could never part with it. Forget about when I load it up, it's super heavy when it's practically empty but I love it so much I don't mind. I love the chocolate brown suede interior. I use it day to day and for nights out. I get tons of compliments on it whenever I take out. I don't own a blake or stella so I couldn't say.

    What color is yours? When did you get yours? If you've had it a while and still havn't used it, my advice would be to say goodbye. If it's only the suede interior that binds you, I'd say get rid of it because you could most likely find another bag of the soft calf collection with suede interior.
  3. Keep it!! Or sell it to me. ;)

    I love the MJs with suede linings.. I think the Multipocket and the Stella are the most useful bags of all of the MJs
  4. Hi FB,
    It is Sap Green with navy blue stitching and navy blue suede interior. I bought it a few weeks ago. I've actually purchased quite a few MJ bags in the past couple months (though none recently as I am holding to my ban!) so none of them have seen much action! :shame:

    My Sophias and Blake have suede lining so they are nice too...I guess I'm more unsure of the shape of the bag than anything else. I adore the color!!!

    Thanks for your input!
  5. dawn, you've been iffy about your sap green MP for a while, haven't you? i seem to remember you trying to cancel the order, but not catching it in time??

    i really like the large MP....but i know the pockets would drive me nuts (i'd just be desperately trying to remember which pocket had my cell phone!). also, i tried on a gorgeous emerald MP at Saks a couple of weeks ago, and i could tell it was going to drive me nuts to carry it under my shoulder, since the base is so structured that it made my arm stick out way too far (if that makes sense)....if it smooshed, i would like it more.

    that said, it's a really gorgeous bag, and i think would get a lot of daily use from me if i got past the size issue and ignored the pockets. but i'm not sure you're in love. are you?????

    maybe try loading it up & using it for a day, while still leaving the tag on (just tuck it inside the bag), so that you can get a feel for whether you love it or not?
  6. This is true for me, as well! I have two large MP's and they both tend to be "go to" bags for me. Sap Green is a great color, and does not pop up every day in the large MP. I'd keep it. If you go for a really long time without using it...then maybe reconsider down the road?
  7. I really like my large MP. It is very roomy and functional. I really like how you can actually fit things in the pockets unlike my small MP, which I never use those pockets. However, it does get pretty heavy and my shoulders hurt if I have been carrying it around for a few hours. Most of all, I like the way the large MP looks on, when it is filled up with things.

    I would love a sap green purse. And that blue suede is just gorgeous!!! Keep it!
  8. I just got a large multi-pocket yesterday (from ebay, so happy its authentic :yahoo: ) and just putting it over my shoulder I can tell that the size is perfect. It is large but not so overly large that it looks a bit silly. I say keep it :yes: