Large Monogram shoulder bag?

  1. After selling off all my monogram pattern bags I suddenly have the urge to repurchase a large monogram shoulder/tote bag.
    Does anybody have the multipli-cite? If so, can you post a picture carrying it? From pictures it look slightly bulky but I love the size of it.
    I wonder how it compares to the bagtinolles Horizontal size wise? I am also considering the Vavin GM, except that it has a open top... thoughts or suggestions anybody?
  2. My mom was deciding between this and the Viva Cite GM and ended up with that one. First, because it only has one strap and second, because the strap is longer than that of the Multipli-Cite.
  3. i'd pick the Batignolles Horizontal. i could be biased because i have it :yes:

    the Multipli-cite does seem a bit bulky, maybe because of the pockets. but it's about the same size as the Batignolles Horizontal.

    i don't like the Vavin GM because of the open top, and somehow the shape of it bugs me :huh:
  4. I like the Viva Cite GM but I think I want double straps, shape wise it should fit a few magazines etc for my commute to work.
    The batignolles Hori is also open top, does that bother anybody? Has stuff spill out from the bag? I am always paranoid that somebody will stick their hands in my bag without me knowing.
  5. it's not really open-top. it has a snap hook closure at the top that ensures the bag isn't gaping open.